beSlick can be used as a personal & collaborative to-do manager for everyone in your organisation. It helps to ensure nothing gets missed or forgotten, and more importantly reduces the stress of trying to keep everything in your head.

With beSlick, you now have a place for all your ideas, actions, tasks & reminders that you can access from your mobile, laptop or desktop.

What is an ad hoc Task?

When you create a Task that isn't from a Template, this is called an ad hoc Task. Normally these are created in My Tasks either using the Quick add, or the Create button. Examples might be;

  • Review marketing deck

  • Check with Dave re: book

  • Remember to double check Q3 finance numbers

  • Book family holiday (which you might also make Private)

Who can see an ad hoc Task?

A user can see an ad hoc Task if;

  • They created it

  • It is assigned to them

  • There is a Step in that Task that is assigned to them

If the above doesn't apply, by default they won't see the Task when searching in All Tasks (but they can view it by direct link/url if it has been provided).

Note: Super Admins can always see all ad hoc Tasks (unless it has been marked Private).

How can I increase visibility?

Many clients prefer to work as transparently as possible, and make it easier to manage team workload. If so, you might want to increase the visibility of ad hoc Tasks. You can do so under Organisation Settings: General Settings;

By default, only Super Admins can see all ad hoc Tasks, but if you'd like to increase that to Admins, or also Admin & Member role types, you can change that value here.

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