In beSlick, we avoid the 'computer says no' scenario. You can tick to say when something can't be done, and provide a reason why - so things can improve.

You can also tick someone else's Step, but the platform will ask for a reason which is then recorded and shown against the Step. It will also add a orange torso icon next to the Task or Step to specify this has happened.

Why might you want to tick a Step not assigned to you?

  • The original assignee is out of office (perhaps on holiday)

  • A colleague has picked up a sales enquiry

  • The Task needs completing quickly

How does it work?

To ensure visibility and to prevent steps being completed in error, when someone ticks off another users step, the person completing the step or task will see a "Status Change" warning them that they are about to complete a step not assigned to them. The person completing the step will be prompted to provide a reason why they have completed the step which will be visible to the assignee.

The user assigned the step or task will receive a notification email advising them that another user has completed their step along with a link to the task to review.

When the steps of the task are viewed, there will be an orange torso displayed next to any steps completed by other users. You will also be able to see details of who completed the step, when and the reason why.

Why is this important?

  • If your business needs to record this for compliance

  • You want to understand easily who has completed a Task

  • Help prevent incorrect completion of Steps

This information is recorded against the Task,, additionally if the data is exported as a CSV it can be queried there.

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