Guest Access allows people who are not members of your Organisation to be assigned Tasks or Steps, review and complete them. This can be useful in many ways;

  • New starter employee on-boarding where company policies or documents are needed prior to start date

  • Client project management steps during a customer onboarding process

  • Key suppliers you wish to involve in a project

  • Application process for a service a product require their action/visibility

The benefits of Guest Access are that invited users can view tasks or complete steps assigned to them, without the need to be a full member of your beSlick organisation. They do not need a subscription and as such, are free users when using Guest Access.

How does it work?

When a Guest is invited, they will receive an invitation to join your Organisation as a Guest user. They will need to create a password to ensure their access is secure.

Invited Guests will access their own Tasks and Steps in My Tasks. They will not be able to access any other part of your beSlick organisation.

What can Guests cannot do?

Guests cannot;

  • View Templates.

  • View Tasks not assigned to them.

  • View Tasks without one of the Steps being assigned to them.

  • Archive, save, clone, edit Tasks or access Templates.

  • Be assigned a Recurring Task Schedule from a Template.

  • Complete, comment or change data on any Steps not assigned to them

  • See comments on Steps not assigned to them.

When can Guests be invited?

  1. When assigning a Task to a user

  2. When assigning a Step in a task

  3. Where there is a task decision assigned

How do I invite a Guest to a Task?

To assign a Guest a Task or Step you simply need to type their email address into the "Assigned to:" field and click on the green tick.

You will see in the screen shot below that the "Add as a guest user" checkbox is automatically ticked and the Guest will be invited to participate when the Task is published.

How do I assign a 'one-off' Task to a Guest?

You can also assign a Guest a Task in the same way by creating a "one off task" or a recurring task making sure to type in the full Guest email address in the "assigned to" field.

Once the task has been assigned and created the Guest will receive an email with a hyperlink invitation to join your Organisation. The person who invited the Guest will be kept in cc: in that email.

The Guest should accept the invitation to join by clicking on the link where they will be taken to the sign up page to choose a display name and password. They will then be able to access their Task.

How do I manage Guest members?

Admins and Super Admins can view all Guest Members and Tasks they are assigned in Organisation Settings. You can also manage your Guests and make them permanent users by adding them to your organisation, or if needed remove them from your Organisation. By adding Guests into your Organisation they will become paying members.

More information on Organisation roles

For more information on the different role types within your Organisation see Organisation Super Admins, Admins and Members

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