Saved Reports

‘All Tasks’ already gives you a fantastic way for you to view your business and everything that is happening, and we’ve given it a few upgrades to make it even more useful!

The biggest change is the ability to save the filters you’ve selected as a ‘Saved Report’ for quick access or to share with colleagues so that you’re all looking at the same view. Saved Reports can also be viewed as a ‘Dashboard’ which we’ll come to shortly. First, we’ll walk through the ‘All Tasks’ filtering changes.

Starting with.....

We have moved “Reset Filters” so it is easier to see. It will now be greyed out when no filters have been applied, and show in purple when there are filters to clear.

If no filters have been applied, All Tasks will be displayed, grouped by Task Status.

Task search has been repositioned and as soon as you start to type, your search begins.

Filters are still on the left of the screen for My Tasks and All Tasks under the filter boxes and to make it easier to access and use the filters, we have moved some of the filters to the column headings.

To use the filters, click on the heading to make your selection.

When filters are applied, the Reset Filters changes colour to show the filters have been set. When you select from one of the filters the number next to the filter will show the number of options selected from that filter group.

If you would like to see your filtered view displayed in the Dashboard or you want to save that view for future reference, we have added Save Report to Dashboard option.

When the filters have been selected, click on the vertical three dots next to the create box and click on Save Report to Dashboard.

(I have just found out that’s call the Kebab menu and not to be confused with the three horizontal dots that I thought was called an ellipsis, is now referred to as a meatball menu!).

Once you create a report, it will be listed here underneath Save to Dashboard.

These reports can be viewed under the All Tasks view or on the Dashboard.

When you’ve selected a report, you can share with colleagues or create a bookmarkable URL by clicking the three dots again (the Kebab menu), and clicking ‘Share Report’ > ‘Create URL’ > ‘Copy URL’.

Dashboard – Phase 1

The first phase of the Dashboard release is a simple and effective way to view your company tasks and have a clear view of how work is progressing in your business. You can select to view the numbers comparing weeks or months by using the toggle button Week/Month top right of the screen.

By default, the numbers will be collated from activity across every Task in the Organisation, however, once you’ve created your first Saved Report they will appear in the drop down – so that you can see the key numbers related to customer onboarding or finance operations for example.

Once you’ve selected a report in the Dashboard view, it will update the results in the top level boxes and table rows underneath. Clicking on the boxes will take you straight to ‘All Tasks’ with the relevant filters applied, to see the detail behind the numbers.

Right now the names and numbers in the table underneath are static, but in the next release these will all be clickable and will take you to a prefiltered All Task views and reflecting the selection you have made.

Rich text

Adding Rich Text to descriptions in Process Bliss is a request we have received from a number of customers and we are delighted to say Rich Text features have been added to the description fields for Templates, Tasks and Steps.

Options include Bold, Bullets, text Size, colour and a limited number of additions fonts. You can even copy and paste from your word documents directly into each Step.

Adding rich text to your description provides the tools to emphasise and highlight important information making it stand out and be noticed. 

Improved Zapier support

We have updated our Zapier triggers, to give you more options so that you can easily integrate Process Bliss and your other applications. This includes the ability to extract data from your Process Bliss tasks or steps and import them into other systems.

For example, collecting data in a Process Bliss task, and then saving it into your CRM, or creating a Process Bliss task based on information in a webform, and/or sending an email using Process Bliss data. If you’d like any support on how to use Zapier and Process Bliss, give us a call or send an email we are happy to help.

Coming soon

We have many more awesome features incoming soon, including:-

Guest Access

You will be able to invite non-users to complete Steps and Tasks in your Organisation

Group Assignments & Permissions


o Assign users to Groups

o Options to assign tasks and steps to a Group name rather than an individual

o Set access permissions by Group

More details and how to access Group Assignments and Permissions will be released as we progress.

Brand refresh

If you have visited our website recently, you will see we have refreshed our brand. This will be deployed to the rest of Process Bliss in the coming weeks – we are very keen to have your feedback about the refreshed brand, so if you have any comments to make please contact or use the Support email at the end of this message.

Finally, as you know we value our customers and we are committed to improving Process Bliss by adding more features and improvements. In the coming months you will see Guest access, Group permissions and a comprehensive upgrade to the Search option. We are all very keen to hear your feedback and suggestions as it helps to formulate our development plans so please, if you have any feedback regarding the changes we have just released, the refreshed brand or a new feature you would like to see, tell us by pressing the orange speech bubble icon and starting a new conversation, or emailing

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