The first of the latest enhancements is adding an @mention feature under comments. This tool gives you the option to generate an email notification to anyone in your team with access to Process Bliss.

By adding an @ symbol in the comments box, a list of other users (with access to Process Bliss) will be displayed. Once the message is saved, an email will be sent showing the task, the step in the task and the comment as well as a direct link to the task.

If you use comments and utilise @mention, it will give you a clear view of any open issues that need action and a simple way to alert the people who need to be involved. All resolved comments are highlighted in green and can be hidden from view.

For a full history of comments against any step in a task, make sure the hide comment option is deselected. This will give you a full view of all comments recorded against that step, date and timestamped, so you can go back at any time to see the schedule of activity.


When a comment has been added to a task step, a lilac bubble will display on both the task and the report section showing the number of comments made.

It is possible to have a combination of comments on every step. In this example, before the task has started three comments have been added. Two generated emails and the final was a simple note without an @mention message.

When a comment has been viewed and marked as resolved, the comment count will be updated (decreased in this case).

When a comment is marked as resolved, it is no longer possible to edit the comment. Resolved comments can be hidden from view but they can be restored if and when needed.

Report changes

Comments and Task Due Date

New to the report view is a running total of all comments within a task (showing to the right of the task name) as well as displaying the comment bubble under each step.

In addition to the improvements to comments, it is now possible to see the status of the task within the report. The due date of the task is displayed according to the RAG status of the overall task, e.g. an overdue task will display the date in red font.

Coming soon

Over the next few months we will be adding more updates and new features (including Guest access & broader Search options) and as ever, we are all keen to hear your feedback and suggestions so please, if you have any feedback regarding the changes we have just released or any features you would like to see, let us know by pressing the red speech bubble icon and starting a new conversation, or emailing support@processbliss.com

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