Our October update continues the theme from August, with features to help you better manage Tasks in your team.

View Steps in All tasks

You can now expand all outstanding steps in a Task from "All Tasks" (like you can in "My Tasks").

Screenshot showing expanded steps on the Process Bliss All Tasks screen

This lets you see at a glance what is left to be completed in individual tasks, without having to go into the task itself. Steps that depend on a decision also appear in the list, although they cannot be completed until the decision is completed.

Screenshot showing expanded steps with a decision on the All Tasks screen

Quick reassign

It is now possible to reassign Tasks and Steps directly from "My Tasks" and "All Tasks". This allows you to quickly delegate a task to a colleague, or to reassign work if someone if ill or on holiday, for example.

In this scenario, let's imagine I'm Laura and I want to reassign all of my steps in "Employee onboarding: Harriet Thompson" because I'm going to be on holiday. In "My Tasks" I open the Task menu and select "Reassign".

Screenshot showing the task menu option on My Tasks with the cursor hovering over reassign

In the dialog that displays I can change what to reassign, choose who I want to reassign the steps to, and optionally leave a comment.

I've chosen to reassign steps 1 and 3 to Steve, and have let him know why he's receiving this task in the comment box. When I press the "Reassign" button, Steve is sent an email alerting him to his new task that includes the comment I left him.

Filter Tasks by due date

In the "My Tasks" and "All Tasks" sections of Process Bliss there is now a filter that lets you narrow down the list of Tasks according to the Task or Step due date.

Screenshot showing all overdue tasks on the All tasks screen

This is great for being able to see what Tasks and Steps are overdue, or need completing today. You can use the "Due" filter with the other filters to build more complex queries.

For example, you can use the "Assigned To" filter to find the steps that Alister has to do tomorrow. Tasks you're involved in may also appear, even if you have no steps to complete, so you still have oversight of their progress.

Screenshot showing all steps that Alister has to complete tomorrow.

Another example: see what the Customer Success team has due this week, by using the "Folder" filter.

Screenshot showing the tasks and steps that are due this week in the customer success folder


We hope these features will make it easier to manage tasks in Process Bliss. We're continually working on new ways to make the software even better for you, and every piece of feedback is welcomed and discussed within the team.

Coming soon: Usage and performance reporting

  • See which templates are being used

  • Uncover which templates are and aren't performing well, in terms of the percentage of steps that are ticked instead of crossed

  • Better insight into which templates haven't yet been populated with steps

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