Our August update focuses on improved management of Tasks within your team, and making it easier to see the information you need on a Step.

Filter Tasks per folder

In the "My Tasks" and "All Tasks" sections of Process Bliss there is now a filter that lets you narrow down the list of Tasks according to the folder the associated template belongs to.

As our users often place Templates into folders by team (for example 'HR', 'Sales' or 'Engineering') we've added the capability to filter by those folders. This makes it much easier to manage your Team's workflow, or to find the Templates specific to the team you work in. More team management features are coming soon!

Changes to Step importance

We've had feedback that the "Optional" label on steps gave the wrong impression to users, and that it wasn't easy to see steps that absolutely had to be completed in a task.

To make "Essential" steps more prominent, we're removing the "Optional" label, and changing the default step importance to "Standard".

We've also made some changes to the filters inside a task and on the report, so that you can now choose to see "Essential" steps by themselves, which allows you to track the most important activities.

Screenshot of a Process Bliss report with the Show essential steps only checkbox selected.

This makes "Essential" steps particularly useful when viewed as milestones in a longer Template that may have twenty or more steps. Simply click "Essential steps only" to see a simpler view of milestone progress across Tasks.

Images embedded within steps & open in the same window

Lots of you have told us how it would be useful to be able to see the images when completing a step, rather than having to open them in a new window.

Screenshot of a Process Bliss step where there is an embedded image of a Wordpress page.

Images now appear directly in the step, and clicking on them opens them in the same window, over the step. This allows you to see the information you need at a glance, making it quicker to complete your work.

You can use this feature for screenshots of an application to show where data should be entered, or to show a picture of the tool or location that a Step refers to as an example.


We hope these features will make it easier to manage and complete tasks in Process Bliss. We're continually working on new ways to make the software even better for you, and every piece of feedback is welcomed and discussed within the team.

Coming soon: managing your team workflow in Process Bliss

  • Expand all outstanding steps in a Task, from "All Tasks" (like you can in "My Tasks")

  • Filter to see Tasks and Steps that are overdue, due today and due tomorrow

  • Making it easier to reassign Tasks and Steps directly from the Task lists

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