We've created some step-by-step videos which guide you through the main features of Process Bliss. You can find links to them below.

Import the Training Template

A great way to use the resources on this page is to import the Training Template into your Organisation and Create Tasks for each new user so they can quickly understand how to make the most of the platform - and save you training time.

Click here to import all videos as a Training Template into your Organisation

Looking for some more in-depth training? You can view past live recordings here 👍

Welcome to Process Bliss overview (2 mins)

Process Bliss combines two things;

  1. The knowledge your employees need so they can do their roles effectively (process/procedures/policies/workflow = Templates).

  2. The ability to manage activity & tasks directly from these Templates, or from one off, so everything operates consistently with clear visibility.

How to use My Tasks (2 mins)

My Tasks is the first screen users see every day, and your personal to-do manager for everything you need to do - whether one off, recurring or from a Template.

How to Create Tasks (3 mins)

There are multiple ways to create one off & Template Tasks in Process Bliss, this brief video will show you how.

How to complete a Task (4 mins)

Completing a Task in Process Bliss as a dynamic checklist is quick and easy. This video shows how it works and what options are available.

Reporting & Dashboards (5 mins)

Reporting & Dashboards are available using Template Reports, All Tasks and Dashboards. This video will walk you through how to make the most of these features.

Building your first Template (8 mins)

Building Templates is easy using the drag & drop builder within Process Bliss. This video will show you how it works and give you some tips to make the most from it.

Organisation Settings & Permissions (2 mins)

Organisation Settings is where you manage Groups, Guests, invite users, change your timezone or logo - and lots more.

These videos complement our written articles, so if you'd like to know more on a topic you can search our support centre for more information.

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