When mapping your process it might be that if something happens, the task is no longer needed or should be abandoned. For example, if you're recruiting for a role and your selected candidate fails a reference or a credit check, it may be company policy that you can no longer proceed with recruiting that candidate.

In this case, you would design the process including the termination feature. Terminated tasks no longer appear in your to do list and you will no longer receive notifications about completing them. They will still appear on reports however.

To set this up, create a decision step where the scenario would occur, for example:

In the dropdown section next to the 'No' condition where it currently says 'Continue task' you would select the 'Terminate task' option. When selected, this changes the process to look like this:

How terminating a task works

Now let's look at what happens when this process is being used and the candidate doesn't pass the reference check.

When you select 'No', you'll be prompted to save a reason as to why the task was ended early. This reason will appear against the task name:

Terminated tasks are counted as 'completed' when you look at the reports.

In the 'All tasks' list you can find terminated tasks by selecting the 'Terminated' option from the Status filter.

Restoring a terminated task

To restore a task, you will need to select 'Clear selection' on the decision that led to a termination.

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