Add logic to your process templates by adding decisions. Create branches, loops and end processes based on different conditions.

We've redesigned our process (and task) editor to allow you to map any process, no matter how complex. You can now add decision steps that allow you to define what should happen next in the process depending on different conditions. 

For example if something is true, you can include a step that's relevant to just that scenario, then continue on with the process.

If there are multiple scenarios, you can add separate steps for each, for example (image shows the new 'simplified' view of steps): 

It's also possible to add loops, so if there's a scenario where you need to go back to previous steps and complete them again, you can do that too. Finally, you can add conditions where the process will be terminated, for example:

When completing a task where steps depend on a decision being made, these will be greyed out until the relevant option is taken. 

As part of this release we have also removed the Calendar tab in the top menu and ‘card view’ when completing a task while we re-evaluate these features. You can still schedule recurring tasks, but you aren't able to view them on the calendar.

It's arguably our biggest update yet, so we're really interested in what you think. What processes will this help you with? What can we make better? Let us know by pressing the red speech bubble icon and starting a new conversation with us, or emailing

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