You can now upload and export a CSV document to a task or template.

Version 2.11 allows you to import existing templates directly into the app. This will make it quicker to document your own processes in Process Bliss if you have already mapped out the steps of a process in another system. You can access this by clicking ‘Upload from CSV’ link when creating a template or task.

The export feature will let you download your published templates and tasks created within the app, allowing you to share them with your team offline and store elsewhere.

Here's how else the feature works...

  • When the file is uploaded, the relevant steps will be created inside the template, which can then be edited further.

  • Published templates can be downloaded as a CSV file using the option in the dropdown menu.

  • Published tasks can be downloaded by selecting the download icon in the task breadcrumb bar.  

Also included in this release...

Public template sharing link
To help improve communication with your colleagues on Process Bliss, you can now create a shareable link for your templates by clicking the ‘Share’ icon in the template header. By copying the link, it will allow the person to see the template and start to either edit or immediately create a task from it.

If the link is shared to someone outside of the organisation, the organisation owner will be sent an email for approval and the system will invite the user to the organisation, if approved, with an invitation email.

Full screen mode
In the main sections of Process Bliss, there is now an optional full screen mode. This view will remove the header bar and make your browser window take up the whole of your screen when you view your tasks and templates. To exit this mode, you can press the fullscreen icon or ‘Esc’ on your keyboard to exit full screen.

Additional features in 2.11

Audit trail on steps: To help monitor edits being made on a template, you can now view an audit trail about steps directly from the step by clicking on the reverse clock icon.
Increased text entry fields: The text entry field on steps has been converted to a larger multi-line box to allow for more room when writing on steps.
Time zones: In organisation settings, you can now set your time zone and define when notifications about tasks should be sent out. Scheduled tasks for the day will now be created at midnight + 1 second.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the new features and improvements coming soon...
We have a range of new features coming soon, including the launch of branching logic. Here's Alister talking about the updates and what the new features will mean for you. 

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