Once you have started to document your process templates, you may wish to share them with colleagues so they can give feedback and suggest improvements. The best way to do this is by creating a shareable link. 

When viewing your template, select the new 'Share' icon in the purple header bar.

You will then see this dialog that allows you to turn on link sharing for this template. Once turned on, anyone who is given the link will be able to see a read-only version of the template, and request access to it.

This is what the read-only version of a template looks like:

At the bottom of the screen is a panel where anyone can enter their email address to request access to the template. 

When access has been requested, the organisation owner receives an email alerting them to the request. There is a link in the email which when followed prompts the organisation owner to accept or decline the request.

Accepting the request sends an email to the person inviting them to the organisation, if they didn't already have access.

The person who requested access to the template will receive an email, and when the link in it is followed, the person is prompted to create a Process Bliss account. Once this is done, they will have access to the whole organisation on Process Bliss, including that specific template.

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