As part of organisation settings, it's now possible to:

  • Set the timezone of your organisation

  • Change the time that notifications about tasks are sent to members of your organisation

To change this for your organisation (as an organisation owner or admin), select the settings cog icon, Organisation settings and then your organisation's name.

You can then see settings for your organisation's timezone and the notification hour.

Organisation timezone 

By default your organisation's timezone is in GMT (Greenwich). Changing the timezone changes all times (and where appropriate, dates) to match the organisation's timezone instead of your browser's timezone.

For example, if an organisation sets its timezone to GMT+1, the information about when a task or step is completed refers to the time in that timezone, no matter what your time computer says it is.

Notification hour

By default, notification emails about tasks that start today, are due tomorrow and were due yesterday, get sent at 10am GMT. Changing the notification hour means that notifications will be sent at the selected time, in the timezone for that organisation.

For example, you might like all notifications to be sent at 7am so that they are waiting in your inbox when people start work.

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