If you need to make changes to your users, it is easy to remove them and deal with the content they may have left behind.

To do this, go to your Organisation Settings by clicking on the Settings cog icon and selecting the organisation name. Then, select Members.

Find the person in the list that you'd like to remove, and press the arrow to the right hand side of their name and then select 'Remove'.

When you do this, if the person has been assigned to any tasks or templates, or they are the sole owner of any folders, you will be prompted to choose another organisation member to who these items will be assigned. By default they would be assigned to yourself (the person doing the removing).

When the 'Remove member and assign content' button is pressed, the person will be removed from the organisation (meaning they can no longer access any of the organisation's content), and the person assigned their content will be able to see it in the Tasks and Templates sections.

Note: Past activities completed by the user will still be logged against them, so you'll know who did when and what (even after they have been removed).

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