Processes are never static so it's important to review them at regular intervals to see where improvements can be made.

Process Bliss helps you do this by the use of timely feedback and being able to update the template based on changes to tasks.


As tasks are being run people can leave feedback about the template, for example suggesting that extra information needs to be added to a step, or that there's a step missing.

Feedback can also be left directly on the template, so if processes are regularly reviewed notes can be left on the template steps as well.

The template owner (the person who is assigned to the whole template) by default receives an email when feedback is left on one of their templates.

Updating template from tasks
If extra steps have been added into a task, these can easily be added into the template by pressing the 'Add step to template' button below the step.

When you go to the template, the step will appear in the correct order in the template, and can be edited and then published. All tasks then created from the template in future will now include this extra step.

Read more about commenting and feedback

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