You can now use Process Bliss to integrate with over 1,500 other software systems using Zapier. 

Our integration lets you use Process Bliss both as a 'trigger' and as an 'action' so you can automatically cause something else to happen in another system using our Zapier integration. For example, starring an email from a client so it will appear as a task in your Process Bliss account.

Here's how else you might use it...

  • Create an onboarding task for your new client, and automatically send the client a welcome email in Gmail

  • Complete a 'hiring an agency' task in Process Bliss, and create a bill or invoice in Xero

  • Use it to kick off other processes in Process Bliss, for example: When the 'Perform assessments' step is completed in a Process Bliss recruitment process, create a new task from the 'Perform assessments' template

You can use the Zapier integration here (you will need to sign up for account if you haven't got one already). If you would like to find out more about Zapier, here's a handy article to read.

Also included in this release...

Template feedback: While you can already leave feedback on a task, you can now leave feedback on a template itself by using the feedback button on the individual steps of a template.

Steps pre-assigned to a user: Steps in a shared template will now be assigned to the user who imported the shared template. This will allow steps to not be left unassigned when creating a task.

Email notifications: You can now choose which email addresses email notifications will go to. This will allow businesses with different organisations, to select the most appropriate email address to receive their notifications. To implement this, just go into your Process Bliss account > Settings > Email notifications, and choose which email addresses the notifications relating to different organisations are sent to.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the new features and improvements coming soon...

We have a range of new features coming soon, including the launch of branching logic. Here's Alister talking about the updates and what the new features will mean for you. 

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