When you create an account on Process Bliss we ask you the question "What do you want Process Bliss to do for you?". We're not just being nosy - we genuinely want to know what prompted you to sign up and what you want our software to achieve for you and your company.

Whether it's to map your existing processes all in one place, improve a specific process in your business, or just keep track of the work that's going on in your team, we want to know.

With this knowledge we can better serve you, our customers, and develop a piece of software that really solves your challenges, rather than guessing what you want to use Process Bliss for.

We're a small company (with big plans!) and in these early days any and all feedback is discussed, and shapes the product's direction and features. 

Plus, if you let us know what you want Process Bliss to do for you, we will do our very best to make it happen!

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