We have included a number of visual updates to our software in this release, including:

  • Table view: Viewing your tasks will now be defaulted to table view rather than card view, to make it easier to distinguish between tasks and templates 

  • Tick and Cross icons: When creating tasks/templates, there is now a tick and a cross icon visible to save or cancel the information added

  • Essential steps icon: There is now a red triangle icon over the progress indicator of tasks that have essential steps that couldn’t be completed. 

There have also been some usability changes:

  • My tasks: Your 'To-do' list has been renamed to 'My tasks'

  • Scrolling: Your cursor no longer has to be hovering over the list of steps when creating a task or template, you can now scroll anywhere on the page to view your template.

Also included in this release...

Invited user accessibility: Invited users now appear in the list of people to which a step/task/template can be assigned, even when a user has not yet accepted the invitation to join the organisation.

Feedback on templates: When feedback is left on a template, the person who is assigned to the template will now receive an email alerting them to the feedback. This email can be turned off for all templates in settings > email notifications.

Product tours: When downloading a template from our library, you will now receive a notification that the template has been added to your Process Bliss account which will then trigger a product tour. 

The short tour will explain how to edit your template with features such as assigning tasks and adding steps being outlined so you can publish a template that suits your business needs best.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the new features and improvements coming soon...

We have a range of new features coming soon, including the launch of branching logic. Here's Alister talking about the updates and what the new features will mean for you.

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