Process Bliss allows you to ask the person completing a step to write some text about the step. There is the option to make this text required, so that it's mandatory for some text to be entered for the step to be completed. 

To set this up, edit the relevant template or task (the screenshots below will show editing a template).

On the step, click the "Add attachment" button in the bottom left-hand corner. This opens the step 'wizard' which allows you to add more information to the step.

In the Request section, select the "Text entry" button, or drag and drop it upwards onto the step. 

This will add a text entry field to the step, next to a label called 'Enter text'. This label can be edited by hovering over this Text entry section and then clicking on it.

You can also select the checkbox to make the person completing this step enter some text before this step can be ticked off. Press the tick icon to save.

Once the template is published, and a task created from it, text can then be entered by the individual carrying out the task.

The icon of the letter A above a line on a step represents that text can be added to it.

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