Templates are the blueprints for the way you perform certain processes in your business. They contain a checklist of all the steps that need completing. 

We're putting together a library of template processes that you can add to your account and use straight away, or edit so that they're more specific to you and your company.

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How to use a template from the library

  1. Select a template from the library. You can scroll down to see what the template will look like in your Process Bliss account, and what the steps involved are.

2. Select 'Use template'. If you don't have a Process Bliss account yet you will be asked to create one. If you do, you will be prompted to log in.
3. The template will be added to your account.
4. If you haven't used a template from our library before, we'll give you a quick introduction to your template and how to use it. If you have, you have the option to display this introduction again by pressing "Show me how to use this template".

5. You can use the template straight away by creating a task, or you can choose to edit the template first to better suit the way you work.

After you've used a template from our library and seen what Process Bliss can do, why not try capturing one of the processes you are involved in? Read about how to create your own template here.

If there's a template you'd like to see in the library, let us know! We'll be continually adding new content in the months to come and would love to know what would be useful for you.

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