We constantly monitor comments from customers on the usability of our product. By doing so we can integrate improvements based on real feedback. Here’s a summary of the improvements we’ve made in this month’s update: 


  • The progress indicator has now been added in front of the task name

  • More information is shown when you hover over the steps (for example, who completed the task and when)

  • Further information pops up when you click on steps. Uncompleted steps can be ticked from this window


  • A new, improved dialogue box appears when you create a task from a template

  • Scheduled tasks now have the date they’re created in the name by default

  • The names of scheduled tasks can be edited once they’ve been created


  • If a task is complete, it will show on the calendar in strikethrough text

  • For scheduled tasks, there is now an edit schedule link in the task preview

  • Tasks now appear on their due or hidden date (this will default to start date if no due or hidden date is set)

Coming soon

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the new features and improvements coming soon. 

Template library — we are working on a library of useful templates that you can save and edit in your own Process Bliss organisation. 

Zapier integration — connect Process Bliss to apps such as Outlook, Gmail, and Calendar. Automate task creation or update other apps when certain actions occur within Process Bliss. 

Branching logic — simple and easy to use, branching logic allows you to have loops within tasks. 

We’d love to hear from customers who are interested in the above new functionality. Use the live chat feature within the product to get in touch, or hit reply on this email. 

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