Process Bliss now integrates with over 1,500 other software systems using Zapier. 

Our integration lets you use Process Bliss both as a 'trigger' and as an 'action'.

Use the Process Bliss Zapier integration here

(If you don't already have a Zapier account, you'll need to create one.)

For more about Zapier and how it works, read this article:


When something happens in Process Bliss, you can automatically cause something else to happen in another system. The triggers are:

Ideas of how you can use it

  • Create an onboarding task for your new client, and automatically send the client a welcome email in Gmail

  • Complete a 'hiring an agency' task in Process Bliss, and create a bill or invoice in Xero

  • Use it to kick off other processes in Process Bliss, for example: When the 'Perform assessments' step is completed in a Process Bliss recruitment process, create a new task from the 'Perform assessments' template


When something happens in another system, you can automatically create a task in Process Bliss.

Ideas of how you can use it

  • Star or flag an email in your email system & a task will be created in Process Bliss

  • For every new deal that is created in Pipedrive, create a task from your 'Sales process' template on Process Bliss

  • When someone books a demo with you on Calendly, kick off a 'Demo process' task on Process Bliss

If you need a hand setting up Zapier, or have a need for a specific integration that Zapier doesn't cover, please let us know and we will do all we can to help.

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