Say goodbye to paper to do lists! Now you can manage all your Tasks in one place, even from your mobile device.

In My Tasks you can;

  • Create ad hoc Tasks in seconds using Quick Task

  • Change the name & due date of Tasks you own in the same screen

  • Prioritize, Snooze & Archive Tasks to focus your day

  • Complete Tasks & Steps without navigating to the full checklist

  • Quickly reassign Tasks or Steps to other people

Here is a short video to show you My Tasks in action:

Note: What is an ad hoc Task? An ad hoc Task is a Task not created from a Template, this could be a reminder, idea, action from a meeting or anything else. They can still have Steps, and those Steps can still be assigned to other people with different due dates. If you create an ad hoc Task and want to make it a Template, simply click the three vertical dots to the right and click 'Save as Template'.

What you can do with My Tasks

Prioritise your work - drag and drop tasks according to their priority. Adding a priority order to your tasks helps you manage your time more effectively. Important tasks appear at the top of your to do list. 

Snooze Tasks until a given date - if a task’s not due until tomorrow, next week or a specific date in the future, or maybe you're waiting on something to complete it, just Snooze it until you need to see it again.

This helps you keep your Task list clean, and provide focus. If you need to see them again, just check the Snooze slider button in the bottom left.

Show Ad hoc Tasks in your My Tasks list

Sometimes you may only want to see the ad hoc tasks that you have created and not the tasks you have created from templates. We call those, one-off tasks. You can filter out the ad hoc tasks really easily by clicking the check box (Ad hoc tasks) in the folder filter. Ad hoc tasks are easy to identify as grey circle with a tick (if they are not yet complete) and a green circle with a white tick, if they are complete.

Complete Tasks directly in My Tasks - see all the Steps directly from your list and tick them off there instead of going to the full Task checklist, to speed up your day.

Click the tick (green circle) for tasks completed or the cross (red circles for essential steps or amber circles for optional steps) for those you can’t. If you can’t complete an essential step, you’ll need to add a reason why.

Quick Reassign Tasks or Steps to someone else, perhaps you need to delegate in your team or you are going on holiday.

When you click Reassign, you can choose whether to reassign the whole Task and your Steps or just selected Steps to another person. You can also add a comment that will give them some information in the email notification they'll receive.

See if a Task is assigned to a group you're in, or assigned to specifically to you. If there is a Group icon, it means a Task is assigned to a Group, and will show in the My Tasks of everyone in that group - until someone assigns it just to them to complete.

Create new Tasks, either from a Template, we call these one off tasks, or as a ad-hoc task such as 'Remember to get the milk' or an action from a meeting. Importantly, you can quickly create Tasks from the beSlick mobile app also - to make sure you never forget a thing. We've also created Zapier templates that integrate with your Gmail or Microsoft To Do, to automatically create Tasks when you need them.

Magic Eye View

Sorting by due date has the usual up/down options, but it also has a third option (as you click) which is the Magic Eye view.

This will automatically sort your Tasks in the order that something needs doing (i.e. looking at the due date of Steps within a Task that are assigned to you), and then expanding the top five Tasks showing in My Tasks so you can see what those Steps are.

beSlick iOS & Android mobile apps

We highly recommend downloading the Process Bliss mobile app for Android, or the Process Bliss mobile app for iOS devices, to help make the most of My Tasks, even when you're out and about.

Integrate with Gmail, so Starred emails are created in My Tasks automatically

We've created a support article to help you get started usijng the free version of Zapier along with a prebuilt Zap to integrate the two platforms quickly and easily. 👍

Use beSlick for weekly management meetings & actions

Using EOS® as an example, see this article on how to manage your weekly Level 10 meeting and 7 day actions from within beSlick.

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