As well as using Process Bliss for internal processes (such as writing blog posts, communicating software releases), we also know that customers use our software to manage work relating to their external clients or customers.

How to use Process Bliss for customer facing processes

Let's imagine you're a PR (Public Relations) company and you have 5 clients you're currently working with. For each client you have an onboarding process that you carry out during the first month you work with them. This process is the same for every client (although there may be some variations depending on the client size or any specific requirements).

This onboarding process should be created as a template inside your organisation (the one shown in the screenshots is called 'Hexagonix'). Everyone involved in the onboarding should have access to this template. From the template, tasks are created for each client. As you can see below, each task created from this template is the name of the client, so progress through each one can be tracked and monitored.

Setting it up this way means that the report shows all of the onboardings across all of the clients, and spotting where there were problems and where there is still work left to do becomes very easy.

We're currently thinking about adding guest users to Process Bliss, so if you'd like clients to have access to your account for free, let us know. We'd love to talk to you about how you would like guest users to work.

You can download our free customer onboarding process from our template library here!

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