If you created your own organisation on Process Bliss, you might have noticed that there are three organisation 'roles' - organisation owners, admins and members. Here's a quick explanation of what each role can/cannot do.

Organisation Owners

Organisation owners control everything about the organisation, but most importantly, they are the only role who deals with payments and billing. After the free trial expires, the owner will be prompted to sign up for a paid plan to keep access to Process Bliss.

An organisation needs to have at least one organisation owner.

Organisation Admins

Organisation admins can invite new people to the organisation, and can change other people's roles from member to admin.

However, they can't change someone's role to organisation owner, change the organisation name or deal with paid plans and billing.

Organisation Members

Organisation members don't have access to organisation settings, and so can't add new people to the organisation. 

However, they can create tasks, templates and folders within the organisation and assign tasks (or steps within tasks) to existing people in the organisation.

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