beSlick has been designed for use by teams working in your company. By inviting colleagues to your organisation, you can assign tasks to others and improve your processes collaboratively.

To invite your colleagues to beSlick, click on the Settings icon in the top right of your screen, select "Organisation Settings" and then the name of your organisation.

Note: If you didn't create the organisation yourself you may not be able to invite colleagues to it. Read more about the different roles within an organisation.

Click on the Members section on the left hand side and click the "Add some more" button. You'll then see this screen below:

Type in your colleague's email address and press "Add". Do the same for any other colleagues you wish to add, then press "Send invites".

Your colleagues will receive an email inviting them to the organisation, which will prompt them to create their own account.

Note: You can invite as many colleagues as you like to your organisation during your free trial.

Once your colleagues have accepted the invitation, they'll be able to create their own tasks and templates, assign tasks and steps to other people in your organisation and complete tasks.

If the invitation email got lost or missed you can resend it by finding the email address in the members list, clicking on the arrow and selecting "Resend invitation". Here you can also choose to revoke the invite, and change the organisation role that the invited user will become.

Note: beSlick will send one reminder email to people after 24 hours, if they haven't yet accepted accepted the invitation to join an organisation.

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