In Process Bliss there are two types of notifications letting you know about the tasks assigned to you. These are:

  • Emails

  • Browser notifications (if enabled)

Emails are always sent to you, but you can decide whether to enable (or disable) notifications in your browser. See below for how to change this.

Currently, you receive email and browser notifications when:

  • A task, or a step in a task, has been assigned to you

  • A task, or a step in a task, is due to be completed tomorrow

  • A task, or a step in a task, was due to be completed yesterday

The bottom two notifications are only sent if the task has been given a due date.

Note: Process Bliss needs to be open in your browser for browser notifications to be sent. 

To change whether you receive browser notifications or not, click on the padlock icon in the browser search/URL bar. You should then be able to choose whether notifications are allowed, blocked, or whether you should be asked every time you access Process Bliss.

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