The latest release of Process Bliss is a case of little and large: one little improvement, and a large new piece of functionality:

A little improvement: filters

We’ve improved the look and feel of the filters that are shown on the left-hand side of the screen. The addition of a bracketed number clearly indicates the options selected. We’ve also changed the ordering so when an item is selected it’s automatically displayed at the top of the list. 

A large piece of functionality: scheduling 

With the introduction of scheduling you now have the ability to create recurring processes. Scheduling a recurring process is simple, just set up your process, and set the start date, when it needs to repeat, and an end date:

We’ve designed the functionality so that the information can be displayed in multiple ways and you can select the view that matches the way you prefer to work:

View by week:

View by month:

View by year:

View the list:

In any of these views, you can click on a particular process and it opens up an overview of the activity complete with all the steps within the process:

Tell us what you think

We’re always looking for feedback on Process Bliss, good and bad, so we know how to focus our development efforts and build you the best process management platform.

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