Once a schedule has been created, you may wish to edit it, for example to change how often tasks are run or when they should stop recurring.

There are two ways to edit a schedule:

1. Open the template the schedule uses, press the three dots and select "Edit schedule" from the dropdown menu. This opens the edit schedule screen.

2. Open one of the scheduled tasks. Next to the due dates there will be a link called "Edit schedule". Selecting this opens the edit schedule screen. 

On this first screen you can change the scheduled task name and assignee, and on the next screen you can edit when and for how long the schedule recurs. 

Note: tasks that have already been opened will not pick up changes made to the schedule (this is because they have already been created in the system). 

You can also choose to delete the entire schedule from this screen.

This will delete tasks that haven't yet been created (we call these 'virtual tasks'), but tasks that have already been opened and therefore exist in the system will remain. If you wish to remove these tasks, you will need to archive them individually. 

Updating a template that has a schedule

If you have set up a schedule and then made changes to the template associated with it, all future scheduled tasks will be updated to match the new template. However, tasks that have already been started or edited will not be updated to match. You will be told about this when you publish changes to a template with a schedule.

For how to create scheduled tasks, read How to schedule a recurring task.

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