As well as being able to define deadlines for your Tasks and the Steps within them, you can also make Tasks recur according to a schedule. This is a great way to make sure that recurring activities, such as payroll, monthly reports and VAT returns are not forgotten about.

To create a schedule, there needs to be a Template from which the tasks will be created. For example, to create monthly recurring tasks for Billing, a Billing template needs to exist. Read more about creating a template here.

To create a new schedule, select the three dots next to the "Create task" button, select "Schedule recurring task".

The first screen will already be filled with the correct template name and information.

You can then choose to change the name and assignee of the recurring tasks. By default, the name of scheduled tasks will include the date on which it was created e.g. "Billing May 7, 2020". If you don't want this to happen, you can remove the "<date>" text from the task name.

If you are the Organisation Owner or Admin, you can also assign the tasks to a new user by entering their email address. Task names and assignees can be changed individually per task later.

On the next screen, you define the schedule itself. 

  • You can change the start date if you would like your recurring tasks to begin in the future, for example from next month or for the next calendar year. 

  • Tasks can repeat every day, week, month or year. If you choose to repeat every week, you can select on which day(s) you wish the task to occur. 

  • The schedule can be set to end after a certain number of occurrences, on a certain date, or to never end.

  • Note: If the Template is changed, any new Tasks created on the Schedule you've created will reflect the changes made in the Template.

  • Put another way, as each new Task is created for this schedule it will use the latest published version of the Template.

Once you've finished defining your schedule, press "Save". You can find the schedule you've just created by clicking on the three dots menu and selecting "Edit schedule".

For a guide on how to edit or delete your schedule, or to edit one specific scheduled task, read How to edit a schedule

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