We're always trying to improve Process Bliss to make it more useful and usable for you. We decide the development we're going to do for the next quarter every 3 months. Here's what we're working on right now.

Now live

Improved Zapier integration - Process Bliss can now trigger actions in other systems. Try out our integration (available in early access).

By end of November 2019

Easier way to share templates with your colleagues - Share templates via a link that you can copy and paste into an email.

Import and export templates
- Being able to import processes directly into Process Bliss using a CSV file, and exporting process templates on Process Bliss to a CSV file.

Full screen mode - So you have more room on your screen to create tasks and templates.

Timezones - Being able to set your organisation as belonging to a specific timezone so that you can choose the hour when system notifications are sent out for all tasks within that organisation.

Audit trail on steps - Being able to see exactly what has changed on an individual step, from the step itself.

By end of 2019

Allowing better mapping of processes through branching/conditional logic & looping - Being able to define certain steps that get skipped if they don't apply & the ability to loop back to previous steps.

Potential future ideas

  • Set up dependent due dates on steps, and prevent a step from being completed until a previous one has been done.
  • Setting up custom alerts for yourself or others when there is activity on tasks and steps
  • Being able to create and edit content from the mobile app
  • Guest users in organisations
  • Search through all tasks and templates
  • Assigning tasks and steps to groups
  • Improving commenting & feedback

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