We're always trying to improve Process Bliss to make it more useful and usable for you. Here's what we're working on right now.

Now live

1. It's now easier to add steps to decision branches.

2. Dependent due dates. This lets you set a step as due a certain amount of time after another step has been completed. It also means that these steps won't appear in your "My tasks" list until they're ready to be completed.

Read more about the April update here.

What we're working on

We're investigating developing a way of showing you more information about the processes in your business: if they exist, how much they're being used, and how well the processes are being completed.

Potential future ideas

  • Setting up custom alerts for yourself or others when there is activity on tasks and steps
  • Being able to create tasks from the mobile app
  • Guest users in organisations
  • Search through all tasks and templates
  • Assigning tasks and steps to groups
  • Improving commenting & feedback

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