We're always trying to improve Process Bliss to make it more useful and usable for you. Here's what we're working on right now.

Now live

1. Filter tasks per folder from "My Tasks" and "All Tasks"

Screenshot of the folder filter.

2. Changes to step importance, so "Essential" steps are more prominent.

3. Images embedded within steps

Screenshot of an image on a step inside a recruitment task.

What we're working on

Better ways to manage work within your team. Extra features added to the "My Tasks" and "All Tasks" views so you can more easily see what your colleagues are working on, what's overdue, and more easily reassign work to spread the load.

Coming October 2020.

We're also developing a way of showing you more information about the processes in your business: if they exist, how much they're being used, and how well the processes are being completed.

We're aiming to release this in the Autumn of 2020.

Potential future ideas

  • Building an operational dashboard so you can better see the status of tasks
  • Being able to create tasks from the mobile app
  • Guest users in organisations
  • Search through all tasks and templates
  • Assigning tasks and steps to multiple people

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