As well as specifically inviting your colleagues to join your organisation, you can also allow people who sign up for Process Bliss with your company email address to join your organisation.* For example, if this option has been enabled for your organisation, it means that someone creating a Process Bliss account with the email address will be able to join your Hexagonix organisation.

*This option is only available to Organisation Owners and Admins.

To set this up, go to Organisation Settings and select 'Organisation Emails'. If Organisation Owners or Admins have company email addresses associated with their Process Bliss accounts, the company email domains will appear here.

Simply tick the box next to the email domain you'd like to add, and the next time someone with that email creates an account, they have the option to join your organisation.

*Generic email domains like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo aren't able to be added to your organisation.

You can also choose to turn this option on if you create an organisation when creating your own Process Bliss account.

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