Although you can use beSlick by yourself, it becomes more useful when assigning Tasks or Steps to other people, or to a Group.

When building a Template

When you build a Template, by default you become the Template owner, but the Steps are not assigned to anyone. That means when you create a Task from that Template and assign the Task to someone, all of the unassigned Steps become theirs.

If in the Template you assign a Step to a person or Group, they will remain the owner of that Step when you create a Task. You can reassign those Steps later if you need to.

Assigning Steps or Tasks to people or Groups

To assign a Task or Step to someone else, click in the "Assigned to" section under the Task or Step name.

If the person is already a member of your organisation, you can type in their name and select the correct person from the list.

You can also assign Templates, and Steps on Templates, to people in the same way.

To assign a Step to a Group is performed in a very similar way. Tick the Group you wish to assign it to and then click the Assign button that is in the dialog.

You can also duplicate tasks for a Group when you create tasks from Templates. This means that each user in the selected Group will have the task assigned to them for each of them to complete. You can select to tick or untick the "Duplicate for selected group users" box.

Reassigning Tasks and Steps

You can also reassign Tasks and Steps from the "My Tasks" and "All Tasks" sections of beSlick, which is useful for delegation or managing resources across your team.

To reassign a whole Task and all your Steps, open the Task menu dropdown and select "Reassign". To reassign a single Step, press the person icon on the far right of the Step row.

On the dialog that appears you can change the Steps to reassign, choose who to reassign to, and optionally add a comment. When you press "Reassign" the new assignee will receive an email letting them know what they now have to do.

When you assign a Task or Step to a Group

The Task will show in the My Tasks of everyone in that Group, with a clear Group indicator to make it clear. Everyone in the Group will also receive any relevant notifications to make sure nothing is missed.

If you reassign the Task or Steps that are assigned to a Group, the icon will disappear as it is no longer assigned to a Group. Whomever in the Group completes a Step, it will be that person that is shown as having completed it (and at what time).

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