To save time creating a new template, you can clone a similar, existing template and then edit it. 

 To clone a template, go to the "Templates" screen and find the template that you wish to clone.

Go to the far right of the template row, select the three dots and then select "Clone template". 

You will then be taken to edit mode of the cloned template, where you will be prompted to change the title as it will be hard to differentiate between the original and cloned template. 

Once the title has been changed, you can edit the new template in any way, adding and deleting steps and changing of any details. Remember to select ‘Publish’ when you have finished editing.

Alternatively, you can select the template you would like to clone, then select the three dots on the dashboard in the top right corner. From here, select "Clone template" and you will be taken to your cloned template where, again, you can change any of its details.

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