Once your task has been published, you can start to complete it.

To tick off a step, click on the circle with a tick in the top-left corner of the step box and the circle will go green.

If there is any reason why a step cannot be completed, the user should select the circle with a cross. 

If the step is an essential step, the circle will be red and you will be obliged to enter a reason to explain why the step couldn't be completed. For optional steps the reason isn't required.

When a step is marked with a tick or a cross, information about who did this and when displays on the step. This allows you to see more easily exactly what happened.

A whole task can only be completed when all of the essential steps have been ticked. When this happens, the progress circle at the top of a task changes to show a grey tick inside it. 

Press the tick and the whole task will be completed.

Tasks are also automatically completed when all of the steps have been completed, although you can choose to 'uncomplete' the task if you wish.

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