A Task is a checklist containing steps which can be assigned to different people. 

A Task can either be created from a Template (for activities that happen more than once) or set up as a one-off activity (for things that are only going to happen once).

In this video we show you how to set up your first Task in Process Bliss. 

Creating a Task from a Template

To create a Task from a Template, first find the Template that you would like to use in the "Templates" tab. Next, select the red "Create task" button to display a dialog where you add the name of the Task.

Screenshot showing the dialog where you create a task from a template.

Here you can also edit any details about the Task by pressing the "Edit before publishing" button.

When you've added a Task name, press the "Publish" button to send notifications to everyone who is assigned Steps in the Task. 

The Task is now filled with all the information from the Template, and Steps can be ticked off as they're completed.

Screenshot showing a task with steps that can be completed.

Creating a one-off Task

To create a one-off Task, go to the "Tasks" tab and select the red "Create" button.

Screenshot showing a user's task list.

You will be taken to the edit screen of a Task, where the first thing to do is to enter the Task name.

Screenshot of a new task called

Next, you can add Steps that represent everything that has to be done in this Task. To add your first Step, click the "Add a step" button.

Screenshot of the task editor with the

Then, add a Step name that describes this part of the task. Press the green tick icon or press the enter key to save the name.

Screenshot of an unsaved step called
Screenshot of a saved step called

On each Step you can:

  • Change who is responsible for this Step (the assignee)

  • Set due dates, to define when this Step should be completed

  • Set it as Essential

  • Add a description to explain how the Step should be carried out

  • Add attachments and text fields

Screenshot showing more information added to the

When you have finished creating your Task, press "Publish" to notify everyone who has a Step to complete and to start ticking Steps off as you complete them.

Screenshot showing the task editor with the Publish button highlighted.

If you decide later that you would like to save this Task as a Template to use it again, select the "Save as template" button.

Screenshot showing a published task with the

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