Templates are the blueprints for the way you perform certain processes in your business. They contain the steps and all the information you need to complete the activity. When the activity needs to be performed, you create a Task from the Template and start completing the Steps. 

In this video, we show you how to set up your first Template in Process Bliss. 

To create a Template, select "Templates" in the top menu bar and select your Organisation (if you have more than one). Press the red "Create template" button.

Screenshot showing the list of templates within an organisation.

The first thing to do is to enter name of the process.

Screenshot showing a new template called

Next, you can add Steps that represent everything that has to be done in this process. To add your first Step, click the "Add a step" button.

Screenshot showing a template being edited with the

Then, add a Step name that describes this part of the process. Press the green tick icon or press the enter key to save the name.

Screenshot showing an unsaved step called
Screenshot showing a saved step called

On each Step you can:

  • Change who is responsible for this Step (the assignee)

  • Set due dates, to define when this Step should be completed

  • Set it as Essential

  • Add a description to explain how the Step should be carried out

  • Add attachments and text fields

Screenshot showing a step with more information added.

When you have finished creating your template process, press "Publish" to save it in your Process Bliss account. Once published, its visible to all other members of your Organisation.

Now you've created a Template, it can be used over and over again to create Tasks.

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